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Hello and Welcome !

The Wyant Foundation was founded in 2012 by Richard and Gina Wyant of Columbiana Ohio.
Richard and Gina both originated from Youngstown Ohio ,and are graduates of Boardman High School.
The vision behind this organization is to help improve the city of youngstown by working from the ground up. As a business developer, Mr. Wyant strives to show people how to be self sufficient. Helping individuals self improve or take action on an idea,concept or vision is his true passion. By utilizing his business development skills, he applies the apprach to his charitable contributions. The Wyant Foundation philosophy has always been to give a hand and help, not just give an hand-out. Many people fall on hard times, choosing the right candidate to donate too is critical in regards to building a stronger community and strengthening that individual. Fund raising is something that is taken very seriously, and those who apply will be looked at very closely to determine if a grant or donation will in fact “change their future”. Education is important, but so is work ethic. The Wyant Foundation is only made possible through the very generous friends and Family of Richard and Gina. Mr. Wyant.
“The Wyant Foundation is only a facilitator for charity and contribution, the friends and family are the ones who always make it all happen”.
We hope you find this website helpful. If you know someone in need, please contact us and we will do the best we can to steer you in the right direction.